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When Mr Williams died in October 2011 at the age of 82, Port Hinchinbrook Resort was ~ and still is ~ a work in progress. Unfortunately, he did not survive to see his last project to completion. This has meant that stage one of the Port Hinchinbrook Resort is yet to be completed and stage two of this world class project has not been commenced. To fulfill Mr William’s vision, a passionate and dedicated team of professionals has assembled to form a consortium to complete this project.

Mr Williams had planned years ahead. The designs, drawings and models for future development have already been devised and the subdivisions surveyed. It is now time to raise capital and make Mr Williams’ dream a reality. We invite you to invest in this world class project and share ownership of one of Australia’s finest marina resort destinations.

Stage Plan Of Port Hinchinbrook

AA New Image Developments Pty Ltd (AANID) intends to fulfill the dream of legendary resort developer Keith Williams who had a 45 year record of success developing prestige tourist locations along the Queensland coastline. We are committed to completing the project that Mr Williams initiated over twenty years ago. To do that, AANID is seeking private equity funding by offering portions of their property holdings to investors in the form of a Unit Trust. AA New Image Developments has created the Port Hinchinbrook Resort Unit Trust which will be the investment vehicle to fund this future development work.

AA New Image Developments Pty Ltd is the legal owner of substantial land and property holdings in and around the Port Hinchinbrook Resort development which it has assigned to the Port Hinchinbrook Resort Unit Trust. At present, AANID holds 39% equity in those real estate holdings with 61% under finance. AA New Image Developments is seeking venture capital / equity partners to payout $12,000,000 of debt owed on the Resort land and fund another $13,000,000 of future development work. Avoiding the requirement to pay interest on borrowed money to the banks, those savings can be passed directly to investors. The fact that this development project is funded with equity partners and not reliant on bank finance makes for a secure asset for all investors. The mechanism for attracting equity partners is via a Unit Trust with an expected vesting period of three years. Within three years it is anticipated that the PHR development will be floated on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) thus returning gains in excess of 46% paid out after three years.

The one draw-back is that unit holders cannot redeem their investment within the vesting period but their units may be traded or sold onto other parties with written notice to the Trustee.

The returns may be considered robust when compared to the share market, bonds and cash rate, nevertheless this investment is extremely secure. The Trust Fund is backed by quality real estate which, once paid out, will not be offered as security for any form of loan. Additionally, unit holders will receive quarterly financial reports and have the opportunity to vote on any proposal to sell off trust property prior to the end of the vesting date. The investment is secure with the added advantage of allowing investors to have a say on major business decisions.

If interested in being part of this project, please review the following documents:

Independent Market Analysis

Investment Fact Sheet

Investment Opportunity Product Disclosure Statement

Port Hinchinbrook Resort Unit Trust Deed

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