Port Hinchinbrook Developer

Keith Williams

Keith Williams


Sea World circa 1976

Hamilton Island

Hamilton Island continuous development

Keith Williams’ Legacy

Promoting Tourism

The legacy of the late Keith Williams lives on in his opus creation of Port Hinchinbrook Resort in North Queensland. Mr Williams can be considered as having advanced Queensland tourism more than any other entrepreneur and his passion to develop world class attractions has propelled Queensland to a favourite tourist destination at the international level.

For well over four decades, Mr Williams built Queensland’s major tourist attractions starting with Sea World on the Southport Spit in the 1970s, Hamilton Island Resort and Harbour in the 1980s and Port Hinchinbrook in the late 1990s.

Those tourist destinations have contributed to the Queensland economy in ways that many people fail to realise. Not only have those projects created thousands of jobs for Queenslanders in the development and construction stages but also many thousands more in the continuing hospitality and tourism industry. The on-going success of Sea World on the Gold Coast and Hamilton Island Resort in the Whitsundays are testament to the strategic thinking and meticulous detail that Mr Williams exerted when planning his projects.

When Mr Williams died in October 2011 at the age of 82, Port Hinchinbrook Resort was ~ and still is ~ a work in progress. Unfortunately, he did not survive to see his last project to completion. This has meant that stage one of the Port Hinchinbrook Resort is yet to be completed and stages two and three of this world class project have not been commenced. To fulfill Mr William’s vision, a passionate and dedicated team of professionals has assembled to form a consortium to complete this project.

Mr Williams had planned years ahead. The designs, drawings and models for future development have already been devised and the subdivisions surveyed. It is now time to raise capital and make Mr Williams’ dream a reality.